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‘Data Scientist’ can mean a lot of things; this page is to introduce you to what we can do to assist you with your data science needs. To understand Dr Beattie’s extensive pedigree please read the About and Publications pages or peruse the Case Notes for detailed insight.

Without a coherent and cogent strategy covering all aspects of a data science project the chances of success are slim.

The mantra of ‘collect more data’ does not work if the data is not collected correctly; it just creates a bigger mound of errors to complicate the lives of statisticians.

The strategy must start with the business or scientific need, next examine available data sources, assess data corruptions and confounders and build a systematic plan to ensure the data collected is clean, relevant and useable.

Every research steps into the unknown and Dr Beattie can assist with developing critical risk management and progress monitoring for optimial progress and ROI.

Relevant Data for Relevant Insight

Schematic diagram showing how data strategy can be developed and optimised to avoid pitfalls and find the most efficicent route to useable answers



Schematic diagram showing how starting with optimised data gives clearer insight, data that is too noisey will not give a clear picture, rather it will give a confused and fuzzy understandiing



Schematic diagram showing how computer algorithms can be used to translate raw data into useable information



Schematic diagram showing how computer algorithms can be used to reliably clean up raw data to make it more reproducible and reliable



Schematic of technological development complimenting algorithimic development to create a new data based product