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Within Queen's University of Belfast

Prof John J McGarveySchool Of Chemistry and Chem Eng
Prof Alan W StittCentre for Vision and Vascular Science
Dr Steven EJ BellSchool Of Chemistry and Chem Eng
Dr W Jim CurryCentre for Vision and Vascular Science
Dr Bettina SchockCentre for Immunity and Infection
Prof Stuart ElbornCentre for Immunity and Infection
Prof Madeliene EnnisCentre for Immunity and Infection
Dr Nick MageeCentre for Immunity and Infection
Dr Vicky KettSchool of Pharmacy
Prof Peter HamiltonCentre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology

Academic collaborators outside Queen's University Belfast

Dr Vincent Monnier    Case Western Reserve University
Dr Malgorzata Rozanowska  University of Cardiff
Prof Tongalp Tezel   Univeristy of Louisville
Prof Roy QuinlanUniversity of Durham
Dr Fransesco Galli University of Perugia

Non Academic collabrators

Dr Bruce Moss    Agri-Food and Bioscience Institute
Dr Claus BorggaardDanish Meat Research Institute
Dr Adrian Knowles Jobin Yvon Horiba
Dr Simon FitzgeraldJobin Yvon Horiba

Raman Spectroscopy


Infrared and Raman Discussion Group - UK/Ireland body to encourage knowledge transfer on vibrational spectroscopy
Journal of Raman spectroscopy - Leading scientific publication for all aspects of Raman spectroscopy
Spectoscopy Now - A regular eZine providing updates on the latest developments in Raman spectroscopy  - Very comprehensive site on the theory of Raman
BBC news - Biomedical applications of Raman in the news.


Complete systems:

Jobin Yvon Horiba
Perkin Elmer
Delta Nu
Princeton Intruments
Kasier Optical Systems


Andor Technology - CCDs for broad range of applications
Edmund Optics - Wide range of optical components including filters, lenses, lasers, mounts
Iridian Spectral Technologies - Vast range of optical filters and a very cost effective custom made filter service
Emvision LLC - Excellent fibre optic and filter prototyping service
Crystran - Good quality competitively priced calcium flouride substrates for 785 nm excitation
Menzel-Glazer - Extra white glass ideal for 633 nm excitation, gives broad spectrum with equivalent intensity to quartz


Scientific resources

Webvision - Website that contains a vast repository of ocular information
ARVO - Association for Reseach in Vision and Ophthalmology
IMARS - International MAillard Reaction Society
Molecular Vision - Online free access vision related scientific journal
IOVS - Investigative Ophthalmology and Vision Science, journal for vision related research run by ARVO

Postdoc Training

Vitae - Fantastic resource for postdoctoral researchers, providing a wide range of training and support
Futures Scotland - Resources for innovative postdoctoral researchers in Scotland and Northern Ireland.
NESTA - More resources for postdoctoral researchers

If you wish to be included in this listing, please contact me and add the homepage to your own website.


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