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J Renwick Beattie:

Dr J Renwick Beattie

Photo of Dr J Renwick Beattie, also known as Rene Beattie or James Beattie.

Problems are cherished

If there is no problem, there is no need for science; so embrace problems, cherish them and indulge them. Whatever you do, don't run away. Problems challenge us to raise our game, to rise above what is currently possible, to explore new ground. By meeting problems head on throughout my career I have made significant gains in each field I have operated in.

Dr Beattie has two decades of experience in cutting edge real-world science honing an ability to confront and solve difficult data problems

The key to problem solving is four steps:

  • Understand
  • Identify
  • Plan
  • Resolve

Dr Beattie’s Guiding Principles

Dr Beattie is also member of a number of scientific bodies: