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Overview in Brief:

J Renwick Beattie is a data scientist with 20 years of experience in transforming real world data into actionable results. He is an experienced strategist at every stage of data science: Optimising data collection, processing and the final transformation into meaningful answers.

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Alan Ransome: CEO, Crescent Ops Ltd

Data Strategy

Data Optimisation

Data Processing

Data Analysis

Product Development

J Renwick Beattie has led the development of scientific products to commercial launch:

The Osentia test for bone health measures the risk of breaking a bone based on measurement of nail proteins, using cutting edge algorithms.

The Kerus simulation tool for optimising clinical trial design creates realistic real-world virtual populations and allows virtual clinical trials to be tested to optimise their design before patients are exposed to risk.

He is currently developing signal processing tools for challenging data.

Scientific Product Development

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”

Attributed to Albert Einstein

Dr Beattie brings not only scientific knowledge but also he is highly attuned to the commercial requirements of our business, providing excellent and customer focused support across our many initiatives


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